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Why Traditional Meetings Don't Work


Have you ever sat through a boring work meeting that afterwards you asked yourself why did you even have the meeting? Think about your goals for your team meetings. Ask yourself what do you want accomplished, how long do you want the meeting to be and do you want your team members to be engaged? Well whatever your answer may be for those questions, here are some tips on how to change up your traditional meetings to get you to walk away from the meeting thinking “ Now that was a successful meeting”.



Tip 1: Change the location of your meeting


Changing the location of the meeting so that it is not in your actual office will give a sense of a different environment to be able to be more creative and open for new ideas.


Tip 2: Let your team members speak


Ask your team members engaging questions that they will be able to provide their input and response to how they feel about the topic. Letting them speak will give them a voice in the meeting, and they will be engaged rather than just listening to you speak for the whole duration of the meeting.


Tip 3: Limit the time of the meeting


Keeping the meeting brief will keep active engagement. Long meetings just do not cut it anymore, people just cannot focus and be interested for too long. Therefore setting a time limit for your meeting will help guide you to make points quick and brief.


Tip 4: Ask your team members what they want out of the meeting


Asking them for their input will help you set an agenda for the meeting about things that matter to them.


Tip 5: Stay on task


You should have three things to accomplish when having a meeting

  1. Educate : Educate your team members so that they may learn something from the meeting.

  2. Engage: Keep your team members engaged in active in what you are talking about.

  3. Entertain: Figure out a team activity to do during the meeting, so that you are not sitting the whole duration of the meeting.

Changing the location, letting your team members speak, limiting the time of the meeting, getting input before hand about the meeting and staying on task should help create a new meeting environment. With creating a new work meeting environment you will not have to walk out of your meetings anymore asking yourself why you even had that meeting.

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