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Weddings, Flowers, and Cocktails?


Weddings are one of the hardest events to plan for; however at the same time, they show the creativity side of us.  Thanks to sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.   We are able to see some of those amazing works of creativity come to life! Weddings and flowers obviously go hand and hand, but what if we add cocktails? I just love flowers and fell in love with this idea! Now you can enjoy your favorite cocktail and  have the smell of a fresh flower for added bonus! The cool thing about his idea is that it is simple and cheap.  


Good luck with your own creations!  


The Fresh Flower Stir Stick!


Flower Stir Sticks .jpg



Wood Skewers

Fresh Flowers

Gold Embroidery Thread

Hot Glue Gun



Step 1 

For larger flowers, such as a ranunculus or a poppy, snip off most of the stem, leaving a bit right under the flower head. For smaller and more wild flowers, such as chamomile or aster, snip off one stem with a small bunch.

Step 2 

For the larger flowers, all you need to do is simply skewer the stem. Piece of cake! For the smaller flowers, use the gold embroidery thread to wrap around the base until tightly wound. (As you will see, I used some gold thread to embellish some of the larger flowers as well)!

Flower Stir Sticks 2.jpg

Step 3 

Place a dot of hot glue on the back of the embroidery thread, and use the glue to seal the thread.

Step 4 

Pour yourself a cocktail, and enjoy! The floral scent while you sip is just an added bonus.



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