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Wedding Table Decorating: Know Your Options

You have a vision of what your perfect wedding day will look like. From the date to the venue to the specific colors and tabling you have a lot of decisions to make. The planning stage includes a lot of details from the color of table cloths, to accents, to centerpieces. It is important you know the options you have. It's your big day, of course you want every detail to be planned out and executed in the best way possible, and we want that for you too!

So before you become stressed out from the endless decorating possibilities,  take a look at the benefits of each option and decide what's best for you.


1. Table Shapes


Rectangle Tables: Tall centerpieces will help add dimension to the tables. If multiple tables are connected, consider switching between two centerpieces to add variety. Banquet tables are large which means there's a lot of space to fill, however, it doesn't have to be full. Clean cut will beat clutter every time.


Round Tables:  Instead of working with one arrangement, think of a few and alternate them throughout the reception space. This will help keep things balanced while also keeping them from seeming bland. Consider stepping out from round plates and add some shape. Square plates will add a different look.


2. Bonus Color Options


Rent Colored Glassware: Your glassware can add the perfect color spark. A simple, neutral colored table cloth will help the glassware pop, showing off your wedding colors without being overbearing.


Decorative Table Runner: The table runner is the perfect place to add a spice of color and change. You can show off your creativity with a chevron colored pattern, or emphasize the accent color you wanted to showcase.


3. Centerpieces


Low Centerpieces: Of course centerpieces are just that, the center of the table. Beautiful flowers, lights, and many other things can be a great accent to the middle of the table. With centerpieces that are low to the table are not only pretty, but help to encourage conversation among guests.


Tall Centerpieces: You can add dimension to your table with tall centerpieces. The trick with creating a center piece with great height is making sure they don't obstruct the view of the guests. This way everyone can admire the piece, and also share in the time together.


Your wedding day should look just like you envision, every detail matters. Think about the options you have and what works best for you. This is your day, make it exactly what you want it to be!


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