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Valentine's Day Gift Guide Men's Edition

Hey you, how many days till Valentine’s Day?  Let me guess your stomach just sank and your eyes just went sideways.  It’s okay though, as guys, we are inherently terrible at gift giving and that is a known fact. We are always waiting to the last minute, or have a hard time spending money on anything that isn’t alcohol or sports related.  


That is okay though!  We have done the research and here is how to gift smarter, not harder.  



1. Flowers - This is a no brainer for you.  Most towns have a local flower shop or at least one near-bye.  Not feeling a trip to flower shop, let Valentine's Day flowers online take care of you. If you can't figure out which flowers to get, long-stemmed red roses are always a hit on Valentine's Day.  


2. Chocolate - Unless she is allergic to it almost 99.9 % of all women love chocolate.  We suggest doing chocolate dipped strawberries, or perhaps has mixed assortments of truffles, either way she’ll love you for this Valentines Day gift!  


3. Perfume - Okay, we advise to proceed with caution with this gift.  Perfume is something the average guy doesn’t know much about, but it’s hard not to score with “Romance” by Ralph Lauren.  


4. iPhone- Yeah I couldn’t believe this made the list either, but for women who love their gadgets. The iPhone has become the most popular one in the world, and makes for a gift!  Just don’t get her 99 iPhones and this guy… #SpoilerAlert ( She said no )  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPBDHQ4AfdM  


5. Dinner & Movie - Look guys if all else fails…. take her to the restaurant from your first date and her favorite movie!  Bring back the memories of the first date while building new ones! It’s sure not fanciest, but she’ll hug you and tell you she loves you by the end of the night ;)

So you are extremely last minute and for the last 5 years you have done all 5 of those gift ideas. Well congratulations with procrastination 101, but we’ll save you for one more year and offer our Valentine’s Day special!   


Valentine's Day Special

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