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Save Money On Your Wedding Day

There's no doubt about it, wedding's are expensive. There's the venue, the food, the music, and the list goes on. It may not seem like your budget is big enough to get everything you want, but this isn't the case. There are tricks you can do to save some money for your special day. For starts, when you're considering your budget think of what is absolutely the most important to you. Decide where you're willing to splurge, and  where you're willing to cut. This will show you the places you can make adjustments.


There are plenty of tips and tricks you can do to have the wedding you always wanted, for less money!


Site Fees


Finding venues during the wedding "off" season (December through March)  could help save thousands. Also picking any day other than Saturday can save you big! A Friday evening or Sunday afternoon can be the perfect date and for a cheaper price!


Flowers & Decor


Instead of real flowers, fake flowers as your decorations can save you big! But if you're set on real flowers, consider flowers whose prices stay fairly low, like carnations or roses, then decorate with more greenery than flowers. Your decor will be pretty without being too expensive.




Having stations that offer the food to be cooked right in front of the guests will cut down on the waitstaff resulting in money saved. Buffets also eliminate some waitstaff. Offer lightweight foods instead of hot and heavy meals, especially during cocktail hours.


Cake & Dessert


If you want a big cake consider faux layers. Tiered cakes are gorgeous, but don't count on every guest eating when you make it. Having just a couple tiers, or faux tiers will save you. And if you're worried about your guests being cake eaters, supplement the "fake" layered cake with sheet cakes!


Music & Entertainment


Every great reception has great music. If a large band is out of question , a local band that hasn't made it big yet might just be what you need. Or an even bigger save would be to have a DJ that you love!


Your wedding can be the best day of your life without putting you in debt! There are plenty of areas you can save money and still have the wedding day you always dreamed of. Celebrate a beautiful marriage without running out of money, you deserve it!

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