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Picture Perfect

Our wedding tip of the month is what many would consider the most IMPORTANT part of your wedding.  Ladies, wedding coordinators, or anyone who is calling the shots for a wedding event,this tip is for you.  Hiring the right photographier will be one the most single important investments you will make for the big day. So you have picked the best photography for your wedding (the hard part!), the next step is actually helping them create those memorable and beautiful shots that last for a life time. * Remember....You do not have to be conscious of the camera in order to create amazing photos.

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Slow Down - These almost seems like a no brainer, but really you should slow down! When you walk that down the aisle.

It will not only to help the photographier, it will also help you enjoy the moment! In weddings we want to remember those moments.

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Show Off The Ring - If possible remember to grab the side of your partners hand when putting the ring on.  When you cover the top of the hand, the photographier cannot get a close up shot of the ring on the hand. This is a very precisious moment, make sure you give the opportunity to capture it!


Take 5 - You just got married and now its time to walk back down the aisle.  Take five minutes though and go into the other room with your new significant other.  It will not only give you a second of alone time together, but your photographier can capture some precious moments here.  While you are off doing that, the bridal party can be outside handing out confetti for when you walk out together.


#Smile - The big day, a lot of people, big churches, and stress can sometimes prevent us from doing the one thing we want to do.  The more you smile, take time to look at each other, the more gorgeous and intimate images your photographer will be able to take.  

Most importantly though, have fun!  This is your day,  the day you will remember for the rest of your marriage and life.  You want to make this day special, you want to create moments that will last forever.

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