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How to choose a wedding photographer

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. So everything from the food, venue, DJ, and the photographer has to be perfect, right? Here’s what you need to know when choosing a wedding photographer.


  1. Find out if their style of photography matches what you want: The style of photos you want must be the style of photos they take. A photographer does not change their style to suit you. You wouldn’t ask a tattoo artist to become a painter.
  2. Make sure they take pride in their work: A photographer who is confident in their work will let you know they will be confident in getting the photos you ask them to get.
  3. Find out if they are shy or outgoing: A shy photographer is not going to get the photos you want because they will be afraid to be standing or step in the aisle for the perfect shot.
  4. Don’t be too demanding: Most photographers like when the bride and wedding party is laid back so they can get the fun and creative pictures. Making a three page list of must-have photos will stress the photographer out because if they miss a shot it will only stress them out from there.
  5. See if you get along: If your personality matches up the photographer will be more comfortable with asking you questions throughout the day.


The right photographer is what keeps the wedding running smoothly and pushes everyone to get things done on time. Without the right photographer it can be a world of chaos on your wedding day. Make sure that your photographer won’t be scared that if your family gets in the way of taking photos that they will nicely ask them to stop. Choosing the right photographer can be hard, so shop around set up a meeting with 2-3 and see who you like the best. Look at their work on social media or on their website. Ask people for referrals of the photographer that did their wedding. You will be surprised the world of difference is makes to be relaxed by having a photographer who is on top of things.


Lima area wedding photographers:

  • Knoch Photography

  • Abby Anthony Photography

  • Heather Marie Photography

  • Captured by Lydia

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