Owners: Ron and Kathy Gorby

Call: 419-222-0004 or 877-360-8779

1920 Roschman Ave., Lima, Ohio 45804

Hojo- Presents the Memorial Classic at Waynesfield!

As we prepare for tonights big race the weather looks amazing- 80 degrees and no rain in the forecast. Before we get ahead of ourselves we would like to thank Larson Marks Racing Team for staying with us over the week! We also would like to give a huge congrats to Randy Hannagan- Not only did he take FIRST at Lima Land last Friday in the A-Main Nra vs SOd Sprints- Hannagan took First at Waynesfield in the A-main Nra-Sod sprints!!!!!!! Braney Craig also raced at Waynesfield's Memorial Classic, where he placed 8 in the Paladino 2nd heat, and took 1st in the B-Main and 8th in the A-Main. Check out the Howard Johnson parking lot tonight after the races- you never know which race team will be parked and getting some rest with us! Good luck tonight HOJO Race Team!!!!

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Howard Johnson-Lima