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Choosing The Best Venue For You

Congratulations, you're engaged! Now it's time to start planning your wedding day. If you've been dreaming about this day forever you may have your ideal wedding colors picked out, an overall theme, and even the bridal party, but what about the perfect place for you and your partner? Picking the perfect venue can be a challenge, and it is a big decision to make. There are a few things to consider about different venues when deciding where to have this special day take place.


The Traditional Location


There are many perks of having a wedding at a "typical" reception hall, the biggest one being you know that it can work! Whether you want a lot of windows, a big dance floor, a huge guest list or a small one, or some sort of compromise, there will be a lot of different halls and styles you can have. Some halls also provide silverware, dinnerware, food, alcohol, and linens saving you money in the end.


The Drawback: Time/Reservation conflicts may be a problem. If you're getting married in a church in the late afternoon, some halls won't serve food until dinner. Other couples could also have your venue booked on the date you wanted which can be a problem.


At Home


When your wedding takes place at your home or someone else's you pretty much get to be in charge of every part of it. Your wedding could have an extra sentimental feeling taking place somewhere that holds dear memories for you as well as creating a homey-comfortable vibe for your guests.


Drawbacks: You have to provide the silverware, dinnerware, food, linens, alcohol, etc. so what money you've saved on renting a place can end up costing you more later. Of course, weather is unpredictable, so if you're wedding is outside that can be an issue to consider.


Destination Wedding


The best part of a destination wedding is the possibility to have your wedding in a gorgeous location that will become special to all people involved. This is ideal if your wanting to spend your special day with a small number of close loved ones.


Drawback: Traveling expenses can be high for your guests, and while it may be completely worth it for you, others may not have that money to spend. Also, make sure you look into marriage license laws at the locations you're considering because they vary in different places.


Of course other locations can be great for weddings such as beaches, barns, or even a campus university. Any place can be turned into the perfect wedding venue as long as it's perfect for you and your partner. Choose what you love, you can't go wrong!

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