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Howard Johnson-Lima
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Lima Land, and Waynesfield Motorsports Park are well on their way for this season, and the excitement couldn't be greater. Dirt track racing just has a way of bringing out the kid in anyone, and here at the Howard Johnson we are no different. Ron (the owner) is the biggest fan of us all and loves race day. So when it comes to the Friday and Saturday night action we're watching our Howard Johnson race team, as we like to call them. So as we are getting ready for this Friday and praying for no rain, we would love to give a big shout out to "our" race team. Two local guys and crowd favorites Barney Craig finised 1st in his heat and 6th in the A-Main running in the Bud Thunderstocks. Randy Hannagan finished 4th in his heat and 3rd overall in the A-Main running in the NRA Sprints. Another young man we like to watch, and we recently wrote about his 1st place run in the Bill Gardners Racin Fest, Hunter Schuerenberg aka Hunter%. So next time your watching a good race, look out and send some cheers to out HoJo Racing Team. Congrats to all thee of you and we can't wait for the rest of the season.

Howard Johnson Lima
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Weddings are one of the hardest events to plan for; however at the same time, they show the creativity side of us.  Thanks to sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.   We are able to see some of those amazing works of creativity come to life! Weddings and flowers obviously go hand and hand, but what if we add cocktails? I just love flowers and fell in love with this idea! Now you can enjoy your favorite cocktail and  have the smell of a fresh flower for added bonus! The cool thing about his idea is that it is simple and cheap.  


Good luck with your own creations!  


The Fresh Flower Stir Stick!


Flower Stir Sticks .jpg



Wood Skewers

Fresh Flowers

Gold Embroidery Thread

Hot Glue Gun



Step 1 

For larger flowers, such as a ranunculus or a poppy, snip off most of the stem, leaving a bit right under the flower head. For smaller and more wild flowers, such as chamomile or aster, snip off one stem with a small bunch.

Step 2 

For the larger flowers, all you need to do is simply skewer the stem. Piece of cake! For the smaller flowers, use the gold embroidery thread to wrap around the base until tightly wound. (As you will see, I used some gold thread to embellish some of the larger flowers as well)!

Flower Stir Sticks 2.jpg

Step 3 

Place a dot of hot glue on the back of the embroidery thread, and use the glue to seal the thread.

Step 4 

Pour yourself a cocktail, and enjoy! The floral scent while you sip is just an added bonus.



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Ron Gorby (Owner) and the Whole Howard Johnson Family Lima, Ohio would love to congratulate Hunter Schuerenberg on his win on April 12, 2014. Hunter was running his Howard Johnson Car at the Bill Gardner's Indiana Open Wheel Racin' Fest the night of his win. With smoke BILLOWING out of his engine for the last 10 laps of the 30 lap race; Schuerenberg shows why his nickname is HUNTER%--- no matter the circumstances he will always give everything he has and some. The determination and work ethic has shown through and proven why he is a force to be reckoned with....


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No matter what industry you are in, there is more than likely a convention or conference that happens multiple times every year. Some may be 100’s of miles from your location or only a 30 minute drive. But the fact of the matter is: If you go to these and get only a little out of them…why waste your time? People are there to: learn, network and possibly get some inspiration. To further your education and standing in the industry there are a few things you might want to make sure you do while you’re at these conferences or conventions.


First off, why is networking at these actually important? Ask yourself this question: “if I do nothing while I’m here…are things going to actually happen for me?”. It’s not really rocket science here, if you don’t do anything…nothing is going to happen. Sadly, Good work doesn’t speak for itself today. Personal relationships or some sort of personal and memorable connection is one of the best ways to be remembered. Doing this can exponentially increase your chances to further your career or possibly even change it. After you make a connection, you also have to keep in the front of their mind so make sure to follow up regularly with the person you connected with. We must put a warning label on this though. Networking at conferences and conventions is a must. But you MUST connect with the right people. If you start talking up someone that is loosely or not even related to your industry…we will ask again, what’s the point?


So you have successfully connected with a person and they are in a related industry, now what’s next? This is actually should be a crucial part of your networking strategy. The people who are looking for someone to fill a spot at a company almost always ask the “Where do you see yourself in ## years?”. Having a solid plan for the future is something they want to hear, and they also want it to be realistic. Don’t go all out and say something like “I want to own the company in 5 years”. Although ambitious, its fool-hardy. Other than having future plans for your job, have future plans for your connections. How is it your going to stay in their mind? What will you do if they offer you a job? How can they possibly help you? All these are very important questions to think about before going into a convention/conference.


Another thing to think about when your there is to take your time making rounds in the hall. There are more than likely tons of businesses and representatives there and they all have something to offer you. They may or may not be trying to sell you something but there are also tons of opportunities to network. Seeking out the correct business that will best fit your needs, is going to take some time. But keep in mind your not only there to network, it’s about learning too.


The last thing that you want to remember about conventions/conferences is that they are reciprocal. Don’t be “that” person that is just seeking to further themselves. Remember what it is that you do and how you can provide value to the people there. Just make sure to keep your follow-up’s timely and professional. You will probably be leaving with a stack of business cards so make sure to go through each one to have the highest chance of connecting. One last tip: It’s smart to jot down notes or impressions you got on the person on the back of the business card.