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Did you know planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things a couple can experience? All that stress can have a major impact on your big day. But why all the stress? What makes planning a wedding so stressful, and can anything be done to lower that stress?  It would take the average person 15 + years to attend as many weddings as we have hosted, and because of that, we know a few things about how to make the whole process less stressful!  But to take away the stress, you have to know why you are feeling stressed.  


Expectations ( Plus Your Own ) 

Ladies! Lets be honest, you have been planning your wedding the first day you imagined who prince charming was. But you are not the only one thinking about this, every woman's mother has also, built up expectations for your big day!  All kidding aside though, moms often think they know best when it comes to planning your wedding, selecting your dress and deciding on the guest list. These things immediately add stress! You can minimize these stress factors by establishing clear boundaries! Ladies, remember one thing... It is you who has to wear that dress! We often suggest writing out a plan, or a list of responsibilities for everyone involved. If you are bad at sticking to a budget, give someone else that responsibility, give someone the responsibility of meeting deadlines for decisions, maximum guest count, etc.... The roles in planning a wedding are unlimited! All great leaders delegate responsibilities!  

Difficult Friends and Family Members

Oh yeah!  We've all got one, you know that one friend or family member!  They can make our face turn red, and our hair turns gray!  How about the divorced parents who make your wedding all about how much they despise each other, "the crazy relative who demands she bring 15 guests because the family hasn’t seen each other in 10 years " <--- My personal experience, but we won't detail any of that.  Look the most important thing here is to make sure you are not dealing with this on your own.  Get the support of a trusted friend, your fiance', or someone who can help you.  If they become too difficult, it may be necessary to set firm boundaries or remove them from the wedding altogether. But nobody wants to do that, so just becareful in this area.  

Frustrating Vendors - Not Howard Johnson Though ;) 

Most vendors don't act as planners, so the follow through you are desiring from them can fall short.  The goal to help eliminate some stress and potentially even the relationship with the groom, is to delegate this to a trusted family member or friend!  They will act on your behalf and keep those vendors in line!  Another option is to hire a wedding planner, even though that is going to increase the cost of the wedding, the wedding planner has one job, and that it to help plan your wedding.  Ask around, search Google, check social media for the top wedding planners in your area.  

Money Management 

This is a pretty crucial step and even though above, I said you could delegate the budget.  Coming up with the budget and knowing what the limit for your wedding is the job of you and the groom.  Chances are as a couple this is about to be the biggest financial conversation you have had, and it's only the first of many after you are married.  When you and the groom are out looking at vendors, or anything that deals with the wedding, and the expenses for the wedding. Just know that it is okay to step back, even go home to a private setting, to discuss it all.  Alot of couples can fall for the dazzling upgrades, and be dreaming over everything that is in their wedding. But remember the sky has always been the limit for any wedding, and if you pay for the sky, you might be regretting it later.  


There is no need to be a bridezilla or an upset groom.  Take things as they come and openly discuss it with people close to you.  Your wedding day will be something you always remember and it can be good or bad....leaving the stress at the front door, will help you create those good memories of a lifetime!  


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We could be completely wrong here, but it could be your future or fortune that is about to change!  Either way it's fun to think about :) 



1. Elizabeth

2. Lauren

3. Stephanie

4. Jennifer

5. Samantha

6. Sarah

7. Amanda

8. Brittany

9. Ashley

10. Jessica

There is no scientific data from match.com or okcupid.com.  

just something fun! If you have one of these 10 names though. Please comment and share this article on social media for us...( there could be a potential prize ) involved!  


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Wedding Music 2015


Thanks to billboardboard.com, DJ 911, and some public dialog!  Were able to start a pretty respectable list!  

1.  Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud 

2.  John Legend - All of Me 

3.  Justin Timberlake - Serintoa 

4. Capital Cities - Safe and Sound 

5. Bruno Mars - Marry Me 

6.  Swedish House Mafia - Don't Worry Child 

7.  Usher - Yeah 

8.  Bubbly - Colbie 

9.  In Your Arms - Nico & Vinz 

10. Maps - Maroon 5 

11. Black Street - No Diggity 

12. The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo Problems 

13. Like A Virgin- Madonna for garter removal and toss

14. Single Ladies - Beyoncé for Bouquet Toss

15. Cotton Eyed Joe

16. Cupid Shuffle

17. Cha Cha Slide

18. A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson

19. Jason Mraz - I Wont Give Up 

20.  Anything By Michael Buble' :) 

Brush the dirt of this one and play Duffy - Mercy in 2015!!!!! 


We hope you enjoyed the list and who for those reading who might already be married, Did we miss some? leave us a comment we'll consider adding it to the list. :)  


Also, we are booking up quickly for the 2015 wedding season...request a free quote from Howard Johnson Lima


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Hey you, how many days till Valentine’s Day?  Let me guess your stomach just sank and your eyes just went sideways.  It’s okay though, as guys, we are inherently terrible at gift giving and that is a known fact. We are always waiting to the last minute, or have a hard time spending money on anything that isn’t alcohol or sports related.  


That is okay though!  We have done the research and here is how to gift smarter, not harder.  



1. Flowers - This is a no brainer for you.  Most towns have a local flower shop or at least one near-bye.  Not feeling a trip to flower shop, let Valentine's Day flowers online take care of you. If you can't figure out which flowers to get, long-stemmed red roses are always a hit on Valentine's Day.  


2. Chocolate - Unless she is allergic to it almost 99.9 % of all women love chocolate.  We suggest doing chocolate dipped strawberries, or perhaps has mixed assortments of truffles, either way she’ll love you for this Valentines Day gift!  


3. Perfume - Okay, we advise to proceed with caution with this gift.  Perfume is something the average guy doesn’t know much about, but it’s hard not to score with “Romance” by Ralph Lauren.  


4. iPhone- Yeah I couldn’t believe this made the list either, but for women who love their gadgets. The iPhone has become the most popular one in the world, and makes for a gift!  Just don’t get her 99 iPhones and this guy… #SpoilerAlert ( She said no )  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPBDHQ4AfdM  


5. Dinner & Movie - Look guys if all else fails…. take her to the restaurant from your first date and her favorite movie!  Bring back the memories of the first date while building new ones! It’s sure not fanciest, but she’ll hug you and tell you she loves you by the end of the night ;)

So you are extremely last minute and for the last 5 years you have done all 5 of those gift ideas. Well congratulations with procrastination 101, but we’ll save you for one more year and offer our Valentine’s Day special!   


Valentine's Day Special

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Destination Ceremonies


What it is: A getaway―usually somewhere exotic, like a resort―with activities that span a weekend.


Good for: Duos who have a connection to a location or want just close loved ones (up to 75 people) to attend. Many resorts offer all-inclusive packages for everything from a guest welcome to a farewell brunch, making the planning process a cinch.


What to know: Marriage-license rules vary from city to city and country to country. Some cities, like Venice, require that you file for a license a minimum of four days prewedding, while other locations demand blood tests and X-rays (for example, Guadalajara, Mexico). Also, know that destination weddings aren’t always more expensive than those at other locales; the cost depends on where you go and how elaborate the celebration is. However, they may be more expensive for your guests, who usually have to fork over more to attend. As a courtesy, try to restrict the travel time to about two hours by air or six hours by car.


Resources: A listing of marriage-license requirements by state is available at usmarriagelaws.com. For the Caribbean islands, log on tocaribbeantravel.com, and for Europe, go to marryabroad.co.uk. You can also visit any city’s tourism-board website; the requirements should be posted there.


Howard Johnson’s – Lima is a perfect choice for your Wedding Day celebration.


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