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7 Small but important wedding day reminders

We all can admit it…man or woman. Your wedding day is one of the craziest days you will ever have. There are things happening at all moments and around every corner. So its no surprise that there can be some small things you either:


A. Don’t think about
B. Don’t realize


 So what can you do during all this craziness? Luckily we are giving you 7 small but important things to think about for your wedding day.



  1. For the bride: Wear a button down shirt when you get your hair done. This one actually came from a woman who had this exact problem. She said that since there is so much going on with the hair, the stylist actually had to cut a v in her shirt she was wearing! So brides, save the silk, or cotton or whatever material and wear a button-down.
  2. Do the decorations the day before, NOT the day of. This may seem like a simple fact, but hey it can slip your mind! On the day of the big day you are going to have TONS more than decorations to worry about and you don’t want to be taping up streamers and folding napkins 5 hours before you say your vow’s. It just seems…wrong.
  3. Make sure the preacher gets the names right (and the DJ). I now pronounce you Mr. and Misses Louis(Lou-e)…”Um, its actually Louis(Lou-es). Yep…this kind of stuff happens. You think you have the most common name, that no one could mispronounce and BAM…it happens. Just sort it out with the preacher before hand and don’t subject yourself to that red-faced situation.
  4. Designate a non-family member to look over everything for the day. Anyone out there have those family members that are maybe a little jealous at times for no reason? Yea, this will solve that. As sad as it is to say if you designate a family member to mediate then some may think you are playing favorites and bad blood may begin to brew. Avoid that and get a close family friend to do it. And leave the blood boiling to the witches.
  5. DECIDE: Wedding in the reception hall or wedding in the church? This may be one of the most important steps in planning for your wedding but hey, with all the other things going on its common to miss it. The main reason this step is so crucial is because what happens if you (GASP!) forget to reserve the church? I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be saying your vows next to the chicken cordon bleu.
  6. YOU run YOUR wedding day. If your one of those “go with the flow” types and you kind of just sail along with whatever. Get out. Weddings aren’t for you. No we are just kidding but really…take charge of everything. Don’t let others influence you as to what you should do on your special day. Your paying for all the stuff around you, so make that stuff work for you!
  7. Take time to see each other before becoming one (if that’s your thing). This is usually called: the first look. It not only makes an awesome photo op, but also eases the tension of seeing each other at the altar. “We understand that there is the mentality of “I shouldn’t see the bride before seeing her at the altar” but hey it’s becoming more old-fashioned to NOT do this. You two are becoming one, maybe you want one last chance to see the people you were before you get married. If your not wanting to see each other before the big moment or before she puts on her dress, do it earlier in the day. I mean come on you guys just spent how many years dating seeing each other how often? Nothing is going to change except the fact that you guys are getting married. Take time out, look at your future wife/husband and think about the future.


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