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5 Things You Should Always Pack ( But Don't )

Items You Should Pack but Don't


wallet and clean underwear are at the top of most packing lists. But in the rush to remember the essentials, travelers sometimes underestimate the power of the nice-to-haves. Humble objects, ranging from an empty reusable water bottle to bandages, can save time and money and go far toward boosting the quality of your travels. When traveling to our neck of the woods these items are essential to have.  



1. First Aid Kit okay of course you could always go buy one if something happens. Blisters happen. So do scrapes and scratches. Don't be that person who ends up spending $7 on a pack of five bandages because you forgot to throw a few in your bag when you were packing. Depending on your travel destination, first aid supplies might over priced. It is never a bad thing to be slightly over prepared. 


2. Reusable Water Bottle Realistically, using a reusable water bottle will not only help the environment, but it will also make staying hydrated cheaper for you.  For travel, consider getting a slightly smaller water bottle that fits easily in a purse or bag. There are plenty of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and hard-plastic options in the 12-ounce range. Those will help keep your water tasting like water and not like plastic.  


3. Laundry Bag It only took one trip to learn the importance of seperating dirty clothes from clean clothes. When returning back home from travel the last thing you want to smell in your suite case is mildew, dirty, and what ever else established a new home on your clothes.  By packing a seperate laundry bag you can keep your clean clothes smelling good.  A simply plastic bag will do the trick for this item, unless you want to get fancy.  


4. Stain Remover Last year, one of guest reviewed the Tide to Go Stain Eraser and found that it saved them from walking around all day with a giant coffee stain on her shirt. Stain-erasing wipes and pens take up little space and offer quick fixes for messes—a big plus for travelers with limited wardrobes.


5. Flip-Flops We're not suggesting flip-flops as a fashion statement, but rather as a hygiene measure if you're headed to any spas, pools, shared bathrooms, or other moist and warm environments where a bit of extra foot protection might matter.


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