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5 Steps on How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

Planning and hosting a bridal shower can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for the bride. Whether you’re the bride’s sister or the maid of honor, you care for the bride and want her bridal shower to be a happy and memorable day for her. There are many small details throughout the planning process that cannot be forgotten. Here are a couple of extremely important tips to follow to plan the perfect bridal shower.



1. Choose a theme that the bride would like. Of course, do not forget that this day is all about the bride. The event doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; it just has to be something that the bride loves and will always remember. What kind of theme fits the bride best? What colors and decor fit the bride best? Include some of her favorite foods and drinks. Take into account if the bride is more laid back or more upbeat. Will the bride want cocktails and games or more of a casual hangout? This is where it is important to get some input from the bride herself.


2. Don’t plan alone. You do NOT have to plan alone. This is where you enlist an army of bridesmaids, friends, and family members. This is going to save you time and money. Any of the bride’s friends and family are going to be willing to help out. The best way to do this is to assign each person a different task. Maybe someone is only in charge of drinks, someone is only in charge of invitations, and so on. Don’t overwhelm yourself; ask for help.


3. Be cautious when sending invitations. When sending invitations, there are many details to be aware of. When it comes to the guest list, it is best to get this from the bride. By having the bride create her own guest list, everyone will be there that she wants there, and there won’t be any unwanted guests. Plus, the bride will most likely already have the addresses of all of the guests so you won’t have to mess with this. It is best to mail an invitation rather than send an evite invitation. Although most people like to be online today, the older party guests might not. Plus, a paper invitation can be used for a scrapbook item if any of the guests would like to use it for that. The last item to remember is to include the bride and groom’s registry information with the invitation. This way, guests can get a list of exactly what the bride wants quickly and easily. None of the guests will have to guess what the bride and groom want, and then have the bride having to return something that they don’t need.


4. Personalize the bridal shower. As mentioned above, make sure the shower represents the bride and who she is. Make her shower unique to who she is. Try to avoid playing the common games that are played at most bridal showers. Find a game that can make the shower more personal and that highlights all of the great qualities of the bride; everything that you love about her. For example, you could make up a fun list of questions about the bride and see which guests can answer the most correctly. You could have each guest write down a story that they experienced with the bride, and the bride will have to guess which guest the story came from. Games like this add a more personal touch because they are focused around the bride and her experiences with those that she loves most.


5. Use shower time wisely. It is very important to have a plan in mind for how you are going to run the shower. It needs to run smoothly, transitioning quickly from one activity to the next. For instance, don’t let too much time be spent on the bride opening gifts. No one wants to be stuck there for an hour or more watching the bride open gifts. Keep the gift opening moving along, and don’t forget to make sure someone is recording who gave what gifts as the bride is opening them. The bride will need to know who to thank you for what later on. Aside from the gift opening, keep the games to a minimum. There is no need to try to fit more than one or two games into shower time. Stick with one or two so that guests still have time to relax, eat, drink, talk to the bride, and socialize.


From the time you are enlisted as the bridal shower hostess, make sure you stay organized. Meet with the bridesmaids, family, and friends right away who want to help with planning the shower. Having a team is going to make your life a million times easier. What is most important to remember when planning a bridal shower is that the day is about the bride. Her opinions are most important. Take her opinions, her likes, her favorites, and incorporate them into the bridal shower. Make her bridal shower a day that she will remember forever.


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