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5 Non-Traditional Options for Changing Your Name After Marriage

5 Non-Traditional Options for Changing Your Name After Marriage

Getting married is an exciting and happy time in anyone’s life. A time for joy and celebration. But the process of getting ready to get married and even what happens after can be very overwhelming. Many brides complain about dealing with the process of changing their name after the wedding; it seems like there are a lot of steps to take. Aside from the long process, the issue of name changing has also been somewhat controversial in the past. Many women don’t want to take their husband’s last name and give up their own; they don’t want to feel as if they’ve lost their independence. If you’re feeling hesitant about changing your name when you get married, there are some alternatives you can consider.


Leave it as is. Leaving your name as it is will be the simplest solution to this issue. Keeping your own name takes away a lot of stress and doesn’t require you to do any extra work that you don’t need to. If you change your name, think of how many legal documents you will have to get switched over. This could take some time and money. Some people, depending on their profession, decide to keep their name due to career reasons. They are known by their maiden name, so they don’t want to change their name and lose the brand that they have built.


Hyphenate. Hyphenating the last name has become a very popular thing to do these days. By hyphenating, you are able to combine both of your last names, not having to lose either one. Hyphenation is a good symbol of your future to come; husband and wife combining to make one.


Create a new last name for both of you. While this alternative doesn’t seem to be well known yet, it leaves a lot of room for creativity. This could be cool to be able to create a new last name that you both agree on; not having to take one family name or the other You can make it a name that’s meaningful to you, your husband, and your relationship. You could pick the name of an author that both of you love or the street name of where you first met or of your first date. The possibilities are endless!


Add a new middle name. This alternative is a great way to still incorporate your maiden name, without the hyphenation. You can keep your maiden name as a middle name or as a second middle name. This way you still get to keep your maiden name as a part of who you are, and incorporate your new name as well.


Create a mashup. If you and your husband are creative and adventurous people, this may be the alternative for you. Rather than creating a completely new name, you can find a way to combine the two of your last names into one new last name. With this alternative, you will have to take some time to experiment, combining the beginnings, the middles, and the ends of your last names until you find one that actually sounds good. While this alternative may be a little out there, it could also be a lot of fun. A plus to this alternative, and to creating a new last name altogether, is that both of you will have to go through the process of changing your name, rather than just one. This way, the process may not seem as bad.


If you want to take a non-traditional route, one of these alternatives may be the way for you to go. Some of these alternatives allow you to be fun and creative with your new husband, and some of them just make the process easier and less stressful. Whatever you choose to do when getting married, make it something that is special to you and your new husband as you begin your new life together.


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