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5 Creative Guest Book Ideas for Your Wedding

Having a guest book will make it easier for you to remember who was at your wedding. The day can end up going by so fast and maybe you do not get around to seeing everyone there. Having a guest book planned will make your memories extra special by getting to see who shared your special day with you. You do not have to do the traditional guestbook either, you can choose a fun way to do a guest book for your wedding. Here are some different ideas for your wedding guest book.


1. Bottle of wine with numbers on it so that you can later enjoy a certain bottle on certain anniversary such as enjoy this bottle of wine on your 1st anniversary then enjoy on your 5 year anniversary. Have your guests sign those bottles so that you can remember who shared your wonderful day with you.

guests sign wine bottle labels for wedding guest book


2. Typical blank frame where you can later put your wedding picture that people can sign.

3. Thumb prints!! You make a tree trunk on a poster board or better quality board...maybe a piece of wood. Then have your guests make the leaves to your tree with their thumb prints then sign their name next to it! How cool is that?!

4. Advice cards, which is essentially the guest book because they give you advice then sign their name!

cardboard coasters with advice written on them for newlyweds

5. Shadow box with wooden heart pieces that they can sign their name on before dropping it into the shadow box.

wooden hearts with signatures slipped behind glass frame for wedding guest book


Have fun planning your wedding and choosing which guest book idea you like the best!


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