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3 Easy Ways to Stick to Your Wedding Budget

Wedding Piggy Bank


The official start of summer is just around the corner and if you haven't attended a wedding yet in 2015, then you probably know some who will.  The peak wedding season is June to the end of September. It is estimated that 2015 could see 2.2 million weddings as the new Millennials 18 - 34 start heading to the alter.  If you are one of those 2.2 million then you have probably realized that weddings are not cheap. The cost rack up pretty quick as well like: venue, food, deejay, photography, not to mention the rings.  It is important that you really know how to create a budget, and stick to it as well.  


1. The length and size of your engagement - It shouldn't be a surprise to know if you have large engagement party, and the celebration goes on for hours, that you will need to save up.   A longer engagement also means finding discounts on the decorations, flowers, vendors, and bridal party dresses you want. Shorter engagements are just as practical when it comes to planning especially if you aren’t picky. You also won’t get your head stuck in the clouds of all the hoopla of #wedding planning. The bigger the more $$$ unless you have a strong coupon and thrift saving game.  


2. Have Your Cake and Don't Forget to Eat It:  It's not hard to over spend on a wedding cake. Order a cake that fits the number of guest you are going to have. A wedding engagement with 200 people could require the big 5 - 7 tier cake, but with a 100 guest or less engagement keep it simple. The latest trend has been replacing the cake with a sheets of cupcakes, and its affordable.  One more way to save money on your wedding cake is to eliminate fondant and go for buttercream icing.  


3. Venues are Important: You have probably heard a wedding horror story that was about a vendor.  The thing about selecting the right venue for your wedding isn't about the price of the venue, but more about the service, and it is provided.  The worst thing you can do is over pay for a wedding venue that has bare or poor service.  Does your venue provide the food, glassware, linens, beverages, and whatever else you don't want to take care of.  The most difficult part is matching a the correct venue, with your needs, and at your price.  Get all the quotes you can, and then make your choice.  


Sticking to a budget is easier than your mind might tell you it, especially, if you are not someone who typically sets on. What are somethings you have done or know that someone else has done to save money? 


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