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10 Tips to Give a Killer Best Man Speech

So you’ve been asked to be the best man at your buddy’s wedding. This can be a very daunting task. You know the groom will be depending on you, and you have a large part in his big day. While it is an honor to be selected as a best man, it can also be nerve wracking, especially knowing you’ll have a moment at the reception during which all eyes will be on you. The speech. Probably the most dreaded duty of the best man and maid of honor. If you’ve been to many weddings, you’ve probably seen that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a best man speech. The best man may get too drunk and ramble. He might tell an embarrassing story about the bride or groom that might not be meant for family and friends to hear. Whatever the catastrophe, it can be avoided. Here are 10 tips for giving a killer best man speech.



1. Prepare. Even if you’re a person that likes to fly by the seat of his pants, for this occasion, that’s probably not the way to go. Take the time a couple of weeks before the wedding to jot down some of your ideas. Think about any stories, jokes, or quotes that you might want to use. It would be best to at least have a general outline in your head before the day of the wedding. A general outline will be super important to have in order to keep the speech short. No one likes to listen to a ten minute speech at a wedding reception. Plan out a speech that will last between 2-5 minutes. In addition, if you don’t know much about how the bride and groom met, make sure you take the time to research.


2. Stay sober. While alcohol can take a little bit of the edge off, it’s important to not go overboard. You don’t want to drink too much prior to the speech and end up saying something that you might regret later. The worst thing to do would be to embarrass the groom on his big day.


3. Express gratitude. Be sure to thank everyone who made the day possible, especially the parents of the bride and groom. It’s also important to thank the guests for joining the bride and groom on their big day.


4. Tell a story. Think about one of your greatest memories of the groom; a story that shows what a great guy he is. Make a connection to both the bride and groom. You can tell a funny story about when the bride and groom first met or started dating. How did you know the bride was the right girl for your buddy? Or maybe you think she’s too good for your buddy? This is where the humor can come into your speech!


5. Avoid controversial topics. Stay about from topics that could be controversial, embarrassing, or offensive. These kind of things may seem funny in theory, but they never end up going over well with the guests at a reception. It may make both the bride and groom and the guests feel uncomfortable.


6. Avoid inside jokes. As funny as the inside jokes are to you and your friends, no one else will get them. Telling inside jokes is not the way to keep the attention of the wedding guests. Find other ways to make your speech funny so that it’s something that’s funny to everyone.


7. End with a quote. A simple quote is one of the best ways to wrap up a best man speech. Find a quote about love or one that you believe fits the bride and groom and their relationship.


8. Give a toast. At the end of your speech, make sure you raise your glass and give a toast to the bride and groom. Wish them love, happiness, or whatever toast you think works best.


9. Be yourself. Make sure you don’t memorize your speech. You want the speech to sound conversational and sincere. Speak from the heart and be yourself, and you’ll be good to go.


10. Don’t forget the bride. No matter what, make sure you do not forget to mention the bride. Even if you don’t know much about her, find a way to include her in the speech. You can’t go wrong with simply complimenting her and mentioning how great she is for the groom.


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These tips will give you a good start on creating a great best man speech. Remember, you don’t have to follow these guidelines exactly; you should make your speech your own. Create a speech that will show perfectly the love that you have for the bride and groom and the love that they have for each other.

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